Stylish Shaggy Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Stylish Shaggy Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 40


Bob hairstyles are timeless and versatile, making them a popular choice among women of all ages. For women over 40, a shaggy bob can be a trendy and youthful option that adds texture, movement, and a touch of edge to your look. In this article, we will explore some chic and stylish shaggy bob hairstyles specifically curated for women over 40, allowing you to embrace your individuality and showcase your vibrant spirit.

Messy Shaggy Bob:

The messy shaggy bob is perfect for women who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish hairstyle. This look features layers of varying lengths that create texture and volume. The tousled and undone finish adds a carefree and youthful vibe to your overall appearance. Pair it with a side part or add some beachy waves for a relaxed and effortlessly chic look.

Choppy Shaggy Bob:

The choppy shaggy bob is an excellent choice for women over 40 who want to exude confidence and boldness. This hairstyle incorporates jagged and uneven layers to create a textured and edgy look. The choppy ends add movement and dimension to the hair, giving you a modern and stylish aesthetic. Consider pairing it with a vibrant hair color to make a statement.

Layered Shaggy Bob:

The layered shaggy bob is a classic and versatile option that suits women of all ages. The layers add depth and volume to the hair, creating a dynamic and voluminous look. This hairstyle can be customized to suit your face shape and personal style preferences. Opt for longer layers if you want more movement and texture, or go for shorter layers for a more structured and polished appearance.

Asymmetrical Shaggy Bob:

For women who want to add an extra dose of uniqueness to their hairstyle, the asymmetrical shaggy bob is a fantastic choice. This style features uneven lengths, with one side longer than the other, creating an asymmetrical and eye-catching look. The shaggy layers add texture and movement, while the asymmetry adds an element of intrigue and modernity.

Side-Swept Shaggy Bob:

The side-swept shaggy bob is a feminine and elegant hairstyle that flatters women over 40. This look features side-swept bangs and shaggy layers that frame the face and create a soft and romantic appearance. The side-swept style adds asymmetry and draws attention to your best features, while the shaggy layers add texture and volume for a modern touch.


Don't be afraid to experiment with different hairstyles, even as you reach your 40s. Embrace the versatility and youthful spirit of a shaggy bob hairstyle. Whether you choose a messy, choppy, layered, asymmetrical, or side-swept shaggy bob, these styles can add texture, movement, and a touch of edge to your look. Consult with a professional hairstylist to find the perfect shaggy bob that suits your face shape and showcases your unique personality. With the right haircut, you can confidently rock a stylish and trendy look that complements your age and individuality.