Short and Sassy Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short and Sassy Hairstyles for Round Faces


Short hairstyles can be a great choice for round faces, as they help add angles and create the illusion of length. If you're looking for a sassy and stylish haircut that flatters your round face shape, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will explore a variety of short sassy hairstyles specifically designed to enhance the beauty of round faces and bring a touch of personality and flair to your look.

Textured Pixie Cut:

A textured pixie cut is a bold and sassy hairstyle that works well with round faces. This haircut involves shorter layers throughout the hair, creating texture and movement. The textured pixie adds volume at the crown and helps elongate the face. You can style it with some texturizing products for a messy and edgy look or sleek it down for a more polished appearance.

Layered Bob:

A layered bob is a versatile and stylish choice for round faces. This haircut features layers that add dimension and structure to the hair. By adding layers that start around the chin or cheekbone level, you can create angles and elongate the face. A layered bob can be worn straight, wavy, or with some added texture for a chic and sassy look.

Side-Swept Bangs with Short Bob:

A short bob with side-swept bangs is a flattering option for round faces. The short bob helps create angles and the side-swept bangs add asymmetry, drawing attention away from the width of the face. This combination creates a dynamic and sassy hairstyle that beautifully frames the face and highlights your best features.

Edgy Shaggy Pixie:

An edgy shaggy pixie is a daring and sassy choice for those with round faces. This hairstyle features short layers and choppy ends, creating a textured and playful look. The edgy shaggy pixie adds volume at the crown and brings a sense of attitude and confidence to your overall style.

Curly Bob with Side Part:

If you have naturally curly hair, a curly bob with a side part can be a sassy and chic option for round faces. This hairstyle involves cutting the hair into a bob length and adding a side part. The natural curls add bounce and volume, while the side part helps create asymmetry and lengthen the face.


Short sassy hairstyles offer a wide range of options for women with round faces to embrace their unique beauty and showcase their vibrant personalities. Whether you opt for a textured pixie cut, a layered bob, a short bob with side-swept bangs, an edgy shaggy pixie, or a curly bob with a side part, each style brings sass and flair to your look while complementing the round face shape. Consult with a professional hairstylist who specializes in short haircuts to find the perfect sassy hairstyle that suits your features, hair texture, and personal style. Embrace your confidence, rock your short and sassy haircut, and let it become a powerful expression of your individuality and self-expression.